NEW WORK | Fica bem Bontigo | Directed by Cristiana Miranda

NEW WORK | Jelly | Directed by Scott Grummett

NEW WORK | Iberia Airlines - By Connecting People We Make The Future | Directed by Irene Baqué

Helen & Kim join Darling Films

NEW WORK | Allan Gray - Give it Time | Directed by Sam Coleman

NEW WORK | McClaren x Vuse – Driven by Change | Directed by TJ O’Grady Peyton

NEW WORK | Barclay’s - Women’s Super League | Directed by Casey Hennessy

NEW WORK | LGFA - Lidl | Directed by Henry Mason

NEW WORK | Why Not? – Techcom Bank | Directed by Yassa Khan

NEW WORK | Can Carreras – The Last Days of Summer | Directed by Irene Baqué

NEW WORK | Samsung – Ze Choice | Directed by Cyril Guyot

NEW WORK | Ferrero Rocher – The Moment Before the Moment | Directed by Henry Mason

NEW WORK | Flora – Plant Butter | Directed by Scott Grummett

NEW WORK | H&M – Back to School | Directed by Daniel Skoglund

NEW WORK | Schweppes – Born Social | Directed by Irene Baqué

NEW WORK | RFSU - For the Freedom of Every Body | Directed by Marcus Lundin

NEW WORK | Nestlé – With Grit Comes Glory | Directed by Henry Mason

BOM joins Darling Films

Cyril Guyot joins Darling Films

NEW WORK | Disney – The Wonder of Play | Directed by Katie Bell

NEW WORK | Hellmann’s UK | Directed by Scott Grummet

NEW WORK | Smyths Toys - Wonder of Play | Directed by Matthew Giffen

NEW WORK | Kellogg’s - Trésor| Directed by Amy Becker Burnett

NEWS | Maternity Cover / Head of New Business

NEWS | Casey Hennessy – The Directors on LBB

NEWS | Catherine Losing – The Directors on LBB

NEW WORK | M&S – Valentine’s Day | Directed by Scott Grummett

NEW WORK | Bouncy Bimmers | Created by Casey Hennessy

News | Catherine Losing’s Trend Forecast Featured in The Observer

NEW WORK | Urbanista - Phoenix | Directed by Daniel Skoglund

NEW WORK | McDonald’s Festive 2022 | Directed by Scott Grummett

NEW WORK | Robin Redbreast Day - The Sequel - Redbreast Irish Whiskey | Directed by POB

NEWS | Gold at The Clios for ‘Doomsday’ | Directed by Andre Maat

News | Relentless - The Connacht Way – Airing on RTÉ One | Directed by P.O.B.

McCrispy – McDonald’s – Directed by Scott Grummett

Body x Mind / Winter - SportXX - Directed by TJ O'Grady Peyton

J. Lindeberg AW22 - Directed by Daniel Skoglund

NEW WORK | Think Before You Pink | Directed by Irene Baqué

Free Yourself – Scottish Government – Directed by James Lawes

Whoosh – Lenor Unstoppables – Directed by BOM

Revenge Is Best Served Rolled – Dice Dreams – Directed by Henry Littlechild

Outbelieve – Sky – Directed by P.O.B

Volvo XC90 - Right Here Right Now - Directed by Daniel Skoglund

'New Polo. Game on' – VW Polo – Directed by Sam Coleman

McDonald's – Big Tasty – Food Directed by Scott Grummett

Mother’s Day – M&S – Directed by Scott Grummett

Spring Has Sprung – Lidl – Directed by Scott Grummett

Irene Baqué joins Darling Films

'Bin It, Don't Block It' - Thames Water - Directed by James Lawes

Mcplant – Directed by Scott Grummett & Jacob Hopewell

Doctors Without Borders – Directed by Daniel Skoglund

'Family Moments’ – Chevrolet– Directed by James Lawes

Sam Coleman joins Darling Films

‘The World’s Best Trick’ – EU x UEFA – Directed by TJ O'Grady Peyton

On Our Grid – Calor Gas – Directed by Katie Bell

‘A Car That Understands Us’ – VW – Directed by Jacob Hopewell

Scott Grummett signs to Darling Films

‘It's Not A Sport’ – Erste Bank – Directed by Andre Maat

‘Better Health’ – PHE – Directed by James Lawes

‘Breaking Point’ - Toyota Paralympics - Directed by Adam Gunser

Clare Timms joins this year’s Shark Film & Craft Awards Jury

‘Summer of Sport’ – John Lewis – Directed by Daniel Skoglund

‘Find Your Botanical Blend’ - Aveeno - Directed by Jacob Hopewell

Football Stories – EE – Written and Directed by Tom Clarkson

‘Milestones’ – Petro Canada Caremakers Foundation – Common Good

‘Step Inside’ – M – Daniel Skoglund

‘Chief Eating Officer’ - Graze - Directed by Henry Littlechild

‘Easter’ – M&S – Directed by Gus Filgate

Catherine Losing joins Darlings Films

‘Easter Eggs’ – M&S – Directed by Gus Filgate

‘Kills Germs Beautifully’ – Zoflora – Directed by Gus Filgate

‘Mothers Day’ – M&S – Directed by Gus Filgate

‘A Little Bit’ – Road Safety – Directed by James Lawes

Philip – Short Film - Directed by Andre Maat

Casey Hennessy joins Darling Films

‘Reading Day’ - Libraries Ireland - Directed by POB

‘Valentines’- M&S – Directed by Gus Filgate

Drink Chilled – L&P – Directed by Adam Gunser

Life is Better with Bubbles - Radox - Directed by Henry Littlechild

#YourHairYourDream – Pantene - Directed by Marcus Lundin

Sky Rewind – Directed by Jim Weedon

Born to Create - Genesis - Directed by Daniel Skoglund

Leave it All on the Track - Red Bull - Directed by POB

Seven Feet Nine and a Quarter Inches - Trailer - Directed by POB

'Hard Feelings' - Lil Miquela - Directed by Common Good

'Love, Death & Dancing' - Jack Garratt - Directed by Tom Clarkson

Sweden in Midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic - Directed by Marcus Lundin

Parting Us - COVID 19 - Directed By TJ O'Grady Peyon

P.O.B Joins Darling Films

Daniel Skoglund joins Darling

McCafe - Directed by Jacob Hopewell

What Do You Love - Pandora - Directed by Cristiana Miranda

Dinosaur - AA Insurance - Directed by Adam Gunser