director portrait

Food / Art / Performance

Gus has made a name for himself as the thinking man's food director thanks to a blend of attractive food photography and canny storytelling. Indeed he's won a coveted British Arrow for the performance in his 'Carer's Trust Pie' Film

What makes Gus stand out from the crowd? Aside from that impressive moustache, you mean? Well, he gets stuck into food in more ways than one. For him, food is "a part of every story there is, woven through our happiest (and saddest) moments”.

Gus is also fascinated by society's desire to share culinary moments. "Food is blogged, captured, and shared every minute of every day... I love to look at life through the viewfinder of what we eat."

His ability to tell stories through food has made him a choice pick for brands. His campaign for Co-Op spanning over a year seamlessly blends food and performance. His latest Co-Op Christmas was highlighted by Campaign as the most liked Christmas ad via social media and landed 5* on David Reviews.