director portrait

BOM is an innovative director duo comprising of Silvia Rossi from Italy and Daniel Larsen from Norway. With their creative powers merging in 2015, the core of BOM's work highlights a vibrant visual language that draws inspiration from film, design, art, and fashion.  BOM's artistic approach combines the best of two contrasting influences. Silvia's Italian heritage infuses their work with an explosive, saturated southern style, while Daniel's Norwegian roots bring a minimalistic, ironic, and subtly nuanced northern touch.

Their backgrounds as visual artists and photographers significantly contribute to their distinct style, whether directing commercials, personal short films, documentaries, or music videos. Regardless of the project they undertake, BOM's storytelling is engaging and playful effortlessly weaving in their stylistic visual composition which is meticulously crafted. With comedic work for IKEA, as well as vivid campaigns for the likes of Christian Louboutin, Nature Box and Lenor, they push creative boundaries and what results is a fun fusion of aesthetics and charm that appeals to a wide range of audiences.