director portrait

Visual Trickery / Comedy / Quirky

With eccentric characters and quirky art direction Andre’s work is playful, humorous and imaginative.

Holding a Masters in Visual Trickery, Andre is well known for his smart in-camera effects such as split screens, flipbooks, stop-motion, animated GIFs or optical illusions; Andre has been showcasing the more comedic side of his reel of late with the ever popular ‘How to eat Noodles like a Boss’ and his 2 campaigns for ‘Hornbach’.

With a background in promos he seamlessly made the move into commercials a decade ago creating work for clients including Toyota, Burger King, Philips, Google and leading agencies such as 72sunny, R/ GA, Wieden&Kennedy, Heimat, Tribal DDB, R/GA and CPB.

In 2019 Andre’s campaign for Hornbach won Silver at the Lovie awards and the New York Festival.