Ornette Spenceley

Ornette Spenceley

Family . Performance . Storytelling 

Ornette is best known for his ability to extract natural and heartfelt performances from his cast, regardless of age or experience in front of the camera. Over the years he has created a body of work, full of authenticity so sought after in advertising.

After graduating from the National Film and Television School Ornette’s multi award winning short film ‘LARD’ brought him to the advertising industry’s attention and he swiftly won Shots ‘Best New Director’ at Cannes. He’s gone on to direct over 200 commercials for agencies in Australia, US and Canada and for brands such as, Kellogg’s, Kinder, KFC, Target, NFL, Danone, Vicks. Sainsbury’s and Tesco. 

As well as having a track record for being a performance director, Ornette also finds himself in demand on CGI and Animal lead projects.

His award winning online and TV ‘Ibis, Hotel’s Snuggling Bunnies’ commercial featuring music by Richard Hawley achieved over 10m hits in the first year, and was voted cutest advert of the year!