Cristiana Miranda showcases the inspiring woman behind the Portuguese Futsal team!

Cristiana was invited by the Portuguese Football Federation to create this film to promote the female futsal players. Uefa decided to create a European Female Futsal championship for the first time and the Portuguese team made it to this historical final. 

This film was to introduce these amazing women to a wider audience since female futsal is not in any way near as popular as football so they were pretty unknown to the general public. 

Cristiana - "They wanted a motivational film about futsal and I decided to go beyond and introduce the section where we actually get behind their everyday lives and see that, although they are star professional players, they still have to work full time to be able to live and compete. They don’t earn enough with futsal so the national team is made up of all these incredible hard-working women, one is a seamstress, another one runs a soap factory, another one is a radiologist, etc… "


Director: Cristiana Miranda

Focus Puller: Leandro Scarpin
Clapper Loader: Rodrigo Mateus
Video Assist: Diana Amaro
Gaffer: Pedro Nair
Sparks: David Silva & Jano
Make-up: Andy Dyo
Editing: Marcos Castiel
Color Grading: The Yellow Color
Post-production: Musgo Studio
Sound Design & Original Soundtrack: Núcleo Audio
Adapted Poem by Florbela Espanca

Camera Equipment: Planar
Light Equipment: Smiling

Ana Azevedo, Carla Vanessa, Fifó, Pisko, Cátia Morgado, Janice Silva, Jennifer Rodrigues, Tânia Sousa, Rute Duarte, Sara Ferreira, Lídia Moreira, Inês Fernandes, Naty & Ana Catarina.