Comedy Capers With Tom Clarkson and Darling Films

Tom brings his directing, writing and comedy-curating skills to the production company's roster

Darling has signed rising-star comedy director Tom Clarkson - a creative filmmaker, imaginative storyteller and self proclaimed king of the dancefloor. 

Truly multi-talented, Tom’s skills span directing, writing and curating a monthly comedy sketch show Mr Thing

Tom’s commercial directing credits include campaigns for Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Captain Morgan, O2, Audi, Volvic and Kellogg’s. He’s helmed noted promos for Jack Garratt and Seafret. 

Tom still doesn’t understand the phrase ‘don’t work with children or animals’ and regularly works with both in protest.

His love of dogs is expressed on his Instagram Hello Mr Bones

Darling's Joint MD Kelly Doyle said: "Tom comes with glowing recommendations and bowled us over with his wit and charm the moment all 6-foot-7 of him strode into the office. We are thrilled he’s signed to the Darling family and we can’t wait to continue building his career." 

Check out Tom's portfolio here.